Of knit authors and missed opportunities

Mel here again. Ness is busy writing a book and doesn't have much time to post at the moment. I should be busy finding authors to write books, but instead I am taking a little extra time out to talk at you folks.

Apparently in our zeal to make a baby, we have been neglecting some of the finer things in life, such as yarn, the quest for yarn, and the quest for blogs about yarn. I've just finished catching up on the adventures of Yarn Harlot, and I cannot believe that I am so unlucky in life that, even though I work for a major publisher, I did not attend BEA and so missed the opportunity to gush all over my favorite knitting book author in person. Not only that– I missed the opportunity to gush all over one of my favorite fiction authors– Margaret Atwood– who apparently stayed in the same hotel as Yarn Harlot.



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3 responses to “Of knit authors and missed opportunities

  1. Wow! I was there and I missed Margaret Atwood?!

  2. I bet a lot of authors show up for the show incognito and just meet with their publishers and agents and do media stuff because there are so many people from the industry converging in one place at the same time.

  3. I would die to meet Margaret Atwood.

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