It’s out of our hands now

Yesterday afternoon, after at least 6 phone calls, I finally got a chance to talk to the nurse practitioner who is inseminating me. She listened to the stats I've been reading and said that she really does believe the egg lasts considerably longer than Weschler's book claims. I'm going to follow up on that with a question to Weschler herself. She also said that she believes frozen sperm probably lasts at least a little longer than 24 hours, even though the 24 hour stat is repeated all over the Web. She says that the sperm looks identical to a fresh specimen under a microscope, and that makes me feel a little bit better. She's following up on that with a contact she has at a local sperm bank.

Anyway, today went faster and was a little less painful than Tuesday. I'm feeling less stressed now that it's officially out of our hands for the month. I'm hoping that tonight's sleep will be more plentiful and more restful. We're thinking about skipping next month because we'll be on vacation for the first prime inseminating day anyway.


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