Hot Child in the City

There's a marked excess of estrogen in our household these days. Tuesday at the bark park we noticed that Rosie was unusually shy around the other dogs. Then a fully neutered shaggy male dog took a special interest in her. We had to keep pulling him off of her– to the point that we actually gave up and just left.

When we got Rosie from the Humane Society, they said that they were 98% sure that she was already spayed. 98% is not sure enough. Our suspicions were aroused after what happened at the park, so we made a vet appointment for her this afternoon. At some point mid-day, however, Ness realized that Rosie's girl parts were now even more pronounced. I think the exact phrasing she used when she IM'd me was that they were "big as a melon" and that she had indeed begun leaving droplets of blood in her wake.

A little research tells us that Rosie has entered estrus or "heat," and that this is going to last at least 3 weeks. She can get spayed while she's in heat, but there are increased risks. We've been advised to wait until she's through it.

It's not all bad actually. After a false start with a jock strap (Ness read about this online), we opted for a pair of Scooby-Doo briefs (Boys-small) with a hole cut out for the tail and a pantyliner. This has provided some much needed comic relief. It looks as though Scooby-doo is erupting from Rosie's hindquarters. Perhaps I can persuade Ness to upload a picture later tonight.


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  1. Yes pictures of Rosie in the Superman underpants please!

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