It’s not every day you purchase bodily fluids, but…

We got some unexpected good news Monday afternoon. It turns out that our donor made a sooner-than-expected visit to the cryobank, and some IUI units are available in time for this month's ovulation.

So we bought sperm!– just enough for two months of trying in the hopes that all goes well. If I've read all the signs right, I (Mel) am probably going to be ovulating next Wednesday, so we can inseminate on Tuesday and again on Thursday. Our doctor's office is open both days, so we can have this done at the gynecologist's instead of going to a fertility specialist– much more comfortable and less hassle. We already have the appointments set, but we got a 14-day tank (the goods arrive on dry ice) just in case I ovulate late.

If the planets and stars align, I could be just a touch pregnant by this time next week. Wish us luck!



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4 responses to “It’s not every day you purchase bodily fluids, but…

  1. I bet it comes in one of those ominous biohazard containers and everything! On a serious note, this is very happy news 🙂

  2. Katy

    Happy inseminating.

  3. Hurry up with the tax break already.

  4. Good luck to you both. Happy baby making.

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