Call me a racist

I took down my "fuckin' Indians" post because Mel says it's racist. Yes, that comment is racist, but it's not my comment. The reality is that there are folks who hate Indians because they are "taking American jobs". Yes, they are. And that's not the real problem. The real problem is that American companies don't take customer service serious. So they outsource these jobs to other countries where those folks aren't empowered to provide customer service. Outsourcing is a double-edged sword for India. On the one hand, it provides jobs. On the other, all the frustration that people feel when they get poor customer service is associated with the Indians answering the phone. I can't help that.

Here's my customer service rant.


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One response to “Call me a racist

  1. And yet you still kept the term in the post. For the record, that comment was attributed to someone else. But I still have a problem with seeing it repeated here b/c it’s inflammatory– no matter whose mouth (or keyboard, in this case) it comes out of. People tend to respond immediately to words like those rather than reading and considering the actual argument.

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