When it rains

Mel and I attended the IPD South District's Task Force meeting last night. While we were listening to the burglary statistics, I joked to Mel that our house was probably being burglarized while we were sitting in the meeting. And guess what? It wasn't our house, but someone did try to break into our garage. They managed to get both doors raised about six inches, but they didn't enter. They busted in our neighbor's side entry door on her garage, however. Her door was padlocked, and they just busted through it. Nothing appears to be stolen.

After filing a police report, calling my neighbor, and e-mailing the neighborhood association, I called the electrician. I think a new flood light in the rear of our garage will prevent this from happening again.



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6 responses to “When it rains

  1. Melody

    It didn’t even occur to me to be especially upset, since nothing appeared to be taken. We’re going to take a few extra precautions and get our neighbors paying closer attention to the alley, though. We think someone might have just been looking for a place to sleep.

    I definitely want to keep attending those South District Task Force meetings. One of the bigger problems around downtown is the scrap metal business. Metals have really increased in value lately, and some scrappers have been getting a little more ambitious than just looking through your trash. We haven’t had any problems, but north of Raymond Street I remember hearing that there had been a lot of air conditioner coils recently stolen out of peoples’ air conditioning units. Other than our air conditioner, I don’t know what else anyone could scrap from our house, but I’m going to be keeping an eye out for vulnerabilities.

  2. Katie

    Someone took our metal trash can but not our crappy plastic one with the wheel missing 😦 I also recently saw a neighbor’s truck loaded with scrap metal stuff, siding, car hoods etc. I’d recommnd the lights – we have several sets of flood lights in our backyard, one on the side of the garage and one on the front. We’ve not had any issues but the people that lived there before were paranoid I think and made the backyard like a compound (the privacy fence locks from the inside on all gates…). So much so that I locked myself out of my own fence the other night and had to wait for Dave to come home.

  3. Katie

    I should clarify on the trash can thievery – our yard, house and garage were not violated for the event to take place. Dave and I had left it sitting in our alley for close to a week so I guess we only have ourselves to blame. Now I will tell you that when the house gets resided this summer, we will be selling the aluminum siding that gets ripped down. Dave and Rick are redoing the entire house – we got a nice check from the insurance company to replace the siding on the north side of the house as a result of the hail damage and minus the labor we’d pay a company the whole house can get sided in vinyl.

  4. Mel, what about our aluminum enclosure? Wouldn’t it suck to come home and find it gone?

  5. Wow I didn’t think about that. I wonder if people would actually rip siding off to sell? Dave and I are dreading transporting it to the place, that’s a big job.

  6. Totally! In our old neighborhood, I saw guys (none of my relatives, of course) ripping siding off (mostly) abandoned houses all the time.

    There are five or six scrap metal yards in South District, which is one reason this area gets hit pretty hard.

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