A gay old time was had by all

Vanessa and I (Mel) attended a lovely wedding in Columbus, OH last weekend. My cousin Michael married Chrissie, the love of his life. For Ness and I, though, I'm not sure what the highlight of the evening was– watching my mother stagger drunkly toward the door (I drove them back to the hotel) holding 4 wine glasses (3 empty, 1 full), 2 half bottles of wine (to go), my aunt's shoes, my aunt's clutch purse, and her own purse, or seeing two bridesmaids kiss while we slow-danced in public for the first time ever. It was an eye-opening experience. No IDEA the bridesmaids were lesbians. No IDEA Shirley could be such a lush.

It's funny. I avoided my mother's side of the family for years because I thought they were all religious conservatives. I only came out to them last year. As it turns out, they've been totally accepting of Vanessa and me ever since. I feel really lucky– and kind of stupid.


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  1. Jami M.

    Melody & Vanessa,

    We sure enjoyed our post reception breakfast with both of you. The conversation and company was so nice (I can’t remember the last time we sat around with other adults, sans kids). Especially not having to hurry through it and worry about the kids knocking things off the table or having a diaper incident in the middle of breakfast. I can’t wait for you both to experience that! 🙂 It’s the best!

    We look forward to seeing you both more often as we move back to the mid-west.


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