Message to Anne


Just say the word. We'll get the posse together and go beat that bitch down. I'll get my grandma on her.



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11 responses to “Message to Anne

  1. I don’t know the back story but “beat that bitch down” and “I’ll get my grandma on her” in the same paragraph is supremely amusing.

  2. Melody

    Everyone will get the back-story tomorrow night– so long as Anne doesn’t mind.

    And Vanessa’s grandma (a.k.a. evil incarnate) is a force not to be reckoned with.

  3. Katie

    hey what about those of us who can’t attend friday? if there is going to be some beating up going down, i’d like to be involved 🙂 (kidding…)

  4. Damn. I’ll get Rosie to stand in for you.

  5. Anne

    Yes…feel free to tell the story. I have the pictures too. Maybe you can post ’em for many fun filled hours of enjoyment. I just can’t reproduce the odor that is coming from that place over the computer…sorry. Maybe you would like a tour instead???? I bought some cleaners today and am going there tongiht. The gas company said that they won’t come in if it smells too bad or has bugs. Ummm…what they don’t know won’t hurt them. For some reason, I neglected to inform them of the rubbermaid container in the bathroom that was full of dead crickets.

  6. What the hell does the gas company care about how it smells?

  7. Katy

    Hey – sounds like I missed some of the fun stuff. I’ll be at the PetFest on Saturday from 9-2. I have a great Aussie/Lab mix that would make an awesome playmate for Rosie. He’s really calm (honest) and totally housebroken.

    This really had nothing to do with the post thread, but I was posting because my sister once got arrested for beating another girl with a stick over a microwave that didn’t belong to either one of them. I could get us some pointers.

  8. Katie

    ooh what kind of stick???

  9. Anne

    Yeah, they left a stick that’s about 8 ft. long. Maybe that will work. I also have some pallets covered with dog hair and other disgusting things that I won’t mention right now too. Oh, and the living room carpet is gone. I have a roll of carpet ready to be cut up…into 4ft sections and bundled together no heavier than 50 lbs.. Oh sorry…going back to my “trash” talk. I put 12 stick ups in the house common areas and sprinkled some cinnamon carpet powder all over the carpets upstairs. I closed all of the doors to the bug ridden rooms (as to not scare the gas guy away) and had the windows opened for a few hrs. last night. I also threw a whole bottle of bleach on the garage floor and spread it around with a disgusting mop that they left. What a fun day.

  10. Katy

    Pet Fest is a twice yearly event where animals in need of homes and rescue groups get together to welcome the public. ARPH, the group that I am in, will have their first ever booth there (manned by moi). The event is free and we find some great homes for some great dogs, cats, ferrets, bunnies, and other creatures. You know, I type crap together like PetFest, because of freaking spenddown, which goes together – I can’t recall the appropriate spacing of words anymore.

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