You want me to eat that?

I gave Rosie a taco from Taco Bell, but she wasn't sure what to do with it. So, here's Rosie's guide to eating a taco:

  1. Peel it open like a book.
  2. Devour the Alpo out of the middle.
  3. Eat one side of the shell.
  4. Eat a corner of the paper.
  5. Eat the other side of the shell.
  6. Root around for any lost Alpo morsels.
  7. Eat the remaining pile of lettuce and cheese.

Rosie has no such performance anxiety with a ButterBurger. Nor do I.


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One response to “You want me to eat that?

  1. Katie

    You gave Rosie Taco Hell??? Should be a fun night when she has Montezuma’s Revenge later….

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