Eqypt in Fountain Square

Mel, Katie, and I had dinner last night at an Eqyptian restaurant called Luxor on Virginia Avenue in Fountain Square. The food was excellent. The owner was waitressing and cooking, so it felt like she was serving us in her personal dining room. It was very enjoyable.

We went up there after our neighborhood association meeting, where I was outed by the meeting's facilitator. "Are you IndyNess?"



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3 responses to “Eqypt in Fountain Square

  1. Melody

    It might be a little confusing that they don’t just serve Egyptian. The menu is a combo of Egyptian, Greek/Mediterranean, Italian, and Lebanese. I had my first experience with Kibbeh last night– wonderful! And Vanessa got the gyro, which was equally good. The owner also brought us out a dish of hummus. I think Santorini’s (around the corner on Prospect) makes hard-to-beat hummus. Luxor’s was different but just as good– a little thicker and less garlicky. We thought the thick consistency probably meant that they use a little less olive oil than Santorini’s, so it’s probably a smidge healthier.

    They do have a selection of vegetarian entrees (Katie had a veggie gyro that looked pretty good), but I felt that the menu was a little red meat-heavy. I’m looking forward to trying their lunch buffet sometime. I believe it’s $7, which seems a very reasonable price to try a variety of the items on the menu. I’m hoping that there will be some good legume dishes on it.

    We’ll definitely be back!

  2. Plus the owner is really hot!

  3. Katie

    Then Mel was outed in the same conversation as a frequent poster because of her knitting blogs 🙂 All in all though I was quite pleased with the content of the neighborhood meeting – turns out there are three different development groups working with the city of Indianapolis on what they call “gateway” projects in the Garfield Park/near southside area. The “gateways” overall from what was explained last night and some cursory Googling this morning are initiatives to renovate various targeted areas around town for aesthetic purposes and with the intent to drive clean-up in areas in need of cleaning up to create opportunities for new commercial and residential development and the renovation of existing structures. The stuff you see being renovated, newly built etc. along the 38th street corridor near Meridian and College is a good example of one in full swing that I think has been very effective at improving that section of the city (and I’m sure the Fall Place residents would agree!). I’m pretty pleased that our little segment of the world is getting this kind of attention – I love Garfield Park and our house and I think there is a ton of potential on Shelby for a small town/Main Street kind of area with coffee shops, antique stores, knit shops, cafes etc. and out on Madison for the larger commercial destinations like gas stations, grocery stores etc. I see a couple of potential barriers to the success in our area. First is there is no clear delineation on what the n-s-w-e street boundaries are that these three development groups are working on and it would help all involved to know this information. Second is currently the various Garfield Park groups appear to be working in silos as opposed to creating a united (and thus more powerful and coercive) voice for these development groups. In order to really attract new development, we need to demonstrate that Garfield Park residents are willing and able to spend their dollars on new businesses in the area. I have no doubt this is the case but strength lies in numbers. The Garfield Park North Association has a leader in place who attended our meeting last night. She really has been very active in moving this forward and I think she will help unite the various Garfield Park groups which include a couple of very active neighborhood associations (my own included – Garfield Park south), some other inactive neighborhood associations and Friends of Garfield Park. I for one plan to get more information on this and help my own neighborhood association out in whatever way I can. How divine would it be to walk over to a great little cafe on Shelby in June for dinner then head to the ampitheater for a summer concert! For more info on the gateways, see:

    I concur with Vanessa on dinner – the food was excellent. Not to “cheat” on my favorite greek restaurant Santorini’s but the tzatziki was probably the best I’d ever had.

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