Time to go to the movies

Gay Sex in the 70s starts this Friday at Key Cinemas in Beech Grove. I think a large gay contigent is going Friday night, so that's the night we won't be going. They've been showing the preview for this for awhile, and it looks interesting. Note the title, though, this is about men.

If gay sex isn't your thing, you should definitely go see Vin Diesel in Find Me Guilty before it stops running. You'll have no idea you're watching Vin Diesel. He's really good.



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2 responses to “Time to go to the movies

  1. How come you’re avoiding the large gay contingent? In any case let us know when you plan to see this if you feel like company and maybe we can come along.

  2. Whenever possible, I avoid large crowds of mostly men.

    I’ll nail down with Mel when she wants to go see it. We usually go Saturday or Sunday. We also want to see In Cold Blood this week.

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