Dinner anyone?

Any of you lurkers interested in dinner Thursday night? It's Dining Out for Life, so I know you're going out anyway. I'm thinking Ralph's Great Divide – drinks and a cup of Hot Pot Aug. Who could resist?



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9 responses to “Dinner anyone?

  1. Katy

    Who are you calling a Lurker?

  2. Katie

    I don’t lurk, I skulk. I think Dave and I are in, depends on if I can get the kitchen packed in it’s entirety this evening. Movers are coming Friday at noon! Yay!

  3. If it quacks like a duck…

    We have an appt at the beauty parlor at 6pm Thurs. I gotta get my nails done, and Mel’s way overdo for a Brazilian. So we probably won’t hit Ralph’s until 7:30 or 8:00.

  4. Indymel

    No you didn’t!

  5. Katy

    Oh – I’m still laughing. I think I peed in my government issue chair.

  6. Katie

    I didn’t think lesbians were into brazilians! I thought that was only for older creepy men who like to think they are with younger women…

  7. Indymel

    It’s for bumbling idiots who can’t find what they’re looking for.

  8. Katie

    So men in general then….:) Sorry Dave….don’t mean to lump you in that faction.

  9. Wow. A lot happened while I was collecting my big check from the insurance adjustor. Now I have to find someone to replace the roof. Sigh.

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