3rd Place

(posted by Indymel) 

Our paperwork reached the cryobank, and we're officially third on the waiting list for our chosen donor. I'm supposed to call back at the end of the week to see if we can get any details on when he can be expected to make another deposit, but the nurse didn't seem to think anymore IUI would be available in May, which would mean that we don't get started trying until at least June. We're still discussing whether we want to use a back-up donor, use ICI, or wait for IUI units from this donor. I'm really torn. I'm tired of waiting. We have some momentum right now, and I'd like to get this over with and get pregnant. On the other hand, if we wait till June, our bank account would probably be happier, and I could have a few drinks while we're on vacation on the Outer Banks. Decisions.


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  1. By waiting until June, that gets you past the craziness of the fiscal year-end, which means you could make your bonus. The following year – the baby’s first year – would be trashed from a bonus perspective.

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