It’s Good to Shower Again

Over the weekend, Mel and I put up a new L-shaped shower curtain rod in our basement shower. The shower is about two times bigger now. Previously, the shower was framed by a glass divider and a shower curtain. There's no shower pan, so there was a lot of water damage from water running off the shower.

Last fall, I ripped out the glass divider. There was a bumpout behind the toilet and the drywall, and the framing was all damaged. The damage was more extensive that I expected, so it took me awhile to figure out how to deal with it. Luckily, the wall itself which has backerboard on it wasn't damaged. So I covered the backerboard with some fiberglass panels that we had leftover from another project. (View pics.) I used silicone caulk where the panels came together and along the walls and floor. We accidentally ripped out some ceramic tile during the demolition. There was no easy way to prepare the surface so we could replace the tile. So, I covered it with a fiberglass panel because it's not really in a noticeable place.

This is an interim remodel to reign in the water damage. We eventually want to replace the four inch tiles with 12 inch grey tiles and go with a more industrial look.



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2 responses to “It’s Good to Shower Again

  1. The shower is wonderful. It’s a lot less cramped. I’m really proud of us for doing this repair/remodel all by ourselves. Vanessa displayed great skill and courage in drilling the holes in the ceramic tile. That’s scary stuff.

  2. No shit. The ceramic drill bit glowed red hot. It definitely gave us a Google reset. Mel read that you should use water as a lubricant and to cool the bit. Once she got in there with the trusty eye dropper, we were back in business. The water helped, but it was still a bitch getting the holes started.

    We were level all the way around until we attached the rod to the ceiling. We had some problems because the ceiling is hollow wood. We didn’t account for the expansion thingy on the anchors being slightly deeper than the ceiling. As a result, the anchors dropped down just enough to make us a little higher at the walls. No big – as long as it holds.

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