I Feel Bad

Because the little girl who waited on me today at Wendy’s was really slow. I doubt she’ll be in their employ much longer. Her co-workers were obviously annoyed with her, yet none of them offered her any advice. That’s one of the many side-effects of the no-training goals of the quick serve industry.

Well, I have some advice for the fine folks at Hurricane Foods: You’ll never be efficient unless your card readers are integrated into the point of sale. The cashier rang up my sale. She turned around behind her to swipe the card through a stand-alone card reader. Then she had to look back at the cash register to get the dollar amount of the sale. I fully expected to pay $200 for my hamburger.

And the ineffeciency doesn’t stop at the counter. It carries through to the back room and the corporate office. Stand-alone card readers are fine for the Chinese buffet, but not Wendy’s franchises.

Oh, and don’t fire the girl at the counter because of your lack of investment in technology infrastructure. Marsh has already done plenty of that.


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