Indymel blogging. Vanessa and I are planning a baby. I've been tracking my ovulation for several months, and we're going to inseminate at home next month. We've been looking into this seriously for over a year, and it has often been confusing and frustrating. Eventually, I'll get around to catching you all up with what the process has been like up till now.

Today we hit a new snag. We're working with a well-known cryobank. We've picked out our "baby-daddy." He's a 6' tall teacher with black hair and brown eyes, detatched earlobes, a clean bill of health, an excellent family medical history, and a passion for yoga. He also happens to be an ID Consent donor, which means our baby can contact him if s/he wishes when s/he reaches the age of 18. We didn't necessarily plan to use an ID Consent donor. We just liked his profile best. Apparently, being an ID Consent donor makes one extremely popular. We had to fill out paperwork to get on the list of folks who could purchase his sperm. It had to be notarized and could only be returned to the cryobank via mail. That paperwork should reach the bank tomorrow or Monday.

Today I decided to call and see what the inventory was like for this particular donor. Well, the inventory for the preparation we want– IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is non-existant, and there is a waiting list. There are plenty of ICI (Intracervical Insemination) units at the moment, but we had been planning on using IUI, since with IUI they refine the sperm and get rid of any blanks or slow swimmers. It's kind of a concentrate. I was really disappointed, but, as Vanessa says, "there are other fish in the semen." We're going to search for a back-up donor.

I'm also going to call the bank back Monday. By that time, we should be firmly on the wait list (our paperwork will be in), and I should be able to obtain more information– for instance, I hope to be able to find out if he is expected to make another deposit any time soon.

We might go ahead and do ICI. It will be a little bit cheaper. I'm just wary of wasting our time and money. Even though lots of folks go spreading it around willy-nilly (tee hee), sperm ain't cheap. Two samples of IUI from this donor and shipping (in a 7-day storage tank) were going to cost us around $1000. If we go ICI, it will still be at least $800.


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