Technology Sucks

I've had nothing but trouble with my high-speed Internet access since the storm. I've made six phone calls to Brighthouse and RoadRunner, and they keep having me power cycle my equipment. I'm about done with them.

I'm thinking about ordering DSL through IQuest. It's funny – IQuest tries to differentiate itself from the national providers by talking up the fact that their local. The CSR told me I would never be transferred to a foreign country for support. No, but I was transferred three times in the course of my phone call trying to get information about their services. I'm so annoyed with queues and specialization and compartmentalization. Why can't anyone just answer my fucking questions? You have a question about web hosting? I have to transfer you. You have a question about our servers? I have to transfer you. You want to know about our residential services? Oh, I don't do that. Here, let me transfer you. Sounds like Brighthouse.

Update: Brighthouse is coming out tomorrow morning to service my high speed Internet connection. It only took seven  (7!) phone calls. 



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6 responses to “Technology Sucks

  1. 7! I think I’d definitely be looking for a new service provider. That’s insane.

  2. I don’t know if I’m going to. Most of my neighbors have DSL, so my cable access is pretty fast. This is the first issue I’ve had with them in the two years I’ve had the service. When I had DSL at another address, I had nothing but trouble. And AT&T/Indiana Bell/Ameritech/SBC/AT&T is slower than molasses when it comes to service.

    One time, an Ameritech repair guy disconnected my phone while in the process of hooking up my neighbor’s phone. Of course, I didn’t realize it until five minutes after he left. So I called Ameritech, and they told me it would take two weeks (2 weeks!) to have it repaired. After several calls, they had it repaired seven days later. My temple is throbbing just writing about it.

    I’ll think I’ll chalk this one up to experience. The next time I have a problem, I’ll know how to navigate Brighthouse’s system to get faster service.

  3. Katie

    We’ve not been thrilled with Brighthouse/Roadrunner since we moved in. They don’t seem to be able to deal with out of the ordinary situations/unique configurations and the last time we had down time they said we had to buy a new modem from them when they had already made us buy one 2 months prior when we subscribed to the high speed. It ended up being bad cabling that Dave replaced himself but we never would have fixed it relying on them. Dave had Comcast before. That was ok except lots of people in his area had it so the speed was often degraded. 6 and 1 half dozen the other I suppose.

  4. I think in our neighborhood most folks have DSL, which makes cable a pretty good deal. I’m totally satisfied with the download speed. It’s lightning fast. Mel and I can both be on the Web and using VOIP at the same time without any degradation.

    The guy who installed my cable when we moved in made recommendations to me on how to configure the cabling inside the house to get the best signal. I think he was spot on. He lives in the neighborhood, too. Over on Cameron, I think.

  5. Katie

    I remember you telling me that – the guy that did our installation was not from the ‘hood so that may have been the issue. So as to not wholesale slam Brighthouse/RR, I will say the speed is very fast, faster than our network here at work and working like a charm once Dave replaced the bad cabling. Our complaint is not with the speed but the customer service/tech support. They could not immediately see what the issue was so instead of helping troubleshoot they just wanted us off the phone as quickly as possible so they were going to have us spend another $120 on a new modem which would not have solved the problem. Their tech support people know nothing – I know more than the people Dave was talking to and that’s not saying much. I feel most sorry for people who don’t have technical knowledge.

  6. I’m clocking between 1.5 and 2.1 Mbps on my connection. That’s pretty darn good. I’m thinking about doing a trial with DSL to see how they compare. Most of the time, 1.5 Mbps is overkill. But it’s really nice when I’m downloading bits from M$.

    My mom’s getting DSL at her house, so I’m going to do some testing down there first.

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