Crushed Digits, Wigs, and a new PC

I crushed my left index finger this morning with the hammer. It was the awfullest, alternating between passing out and throwing up, sweaty forehead, white-as-a-ghost, I don't want to die in the garage, I hope nobody sees me like this experience. It hurts like a mofo, but I'm feeling much better now.

In less "I think I'm gonna throw up, no I think I'm gonna pass out, no I'm just gonna lay here on the oily pavement and cry" news, my mom bought a new wig yesterday. She was totally stoked, so I'm happy for her. If it was me, I'd just go with a buzz cut.

AND, she bought a new computer. Finally. I'm so glad. She bought this sexy little Dell XPS 200 with the upgraded monitor and hard drive. She ordered it all by herself from Dell's customer service, and she said the guy was very helpful and answered all her questions. I normally don't recommend name-brand computers, because most of them are crap. I've had a few good experiences with Dell, so I hope this machine is a winner.


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