If you enjoy Beer

Check out Parti-Pak Liquors on Stop 11. I personally haven't been there yet, but it has several favorable reviews.

Alternate heading: Katie, please share this with Dave. Thanks.



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6 responses to “If you enjoy Beer

  1. Katie

    Will do! Dave wants you guys to come over soon to try one of the 5 recent batches of homebrew he’s made as of late.

  2. I’d love to, but I’m writing a book.

  3. Katie

    What crazy person asked you to write a book? 🙂

  4. Indymel

    Clearly someone with no regard for my love life.

  5. We saw Dave heading south on Allen yesterday evening and wondered if he was heading to Parti-Pak. It’s so cool to have you guys in the neighborhood. We need to get Rosie and Mister together for a play date.

  6. Katie

    I’m reminded on a daily basis by my at-work next-door neighbor that I’ve ruined your love lives 🙂 I love living in Garfield Park too although I have yard stress – there are some people pretty serious about their grass and yards at our end of the block and I’m not sure we will ever measure up! Official move day is the 28th. The grass was knee-high (I sh$t you not) in the backyard from all the rain except where Mister’s walking paths are and so I’m guessing Dave was getting gas for the lawn mower. Had it gone another day we would have needed machetes to get to the garage. Yes play date soon! Mister would love that. Maybe on Sunday?

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