Confederate Flags and Soft Serve

It ain't summer on the southside without pickup trucks, confederate flags, and good ol' boys eating twist cones with teddy grahams at Mrs. Curl's in Greenwood. I know it's still early spring, but our whacky weather has the locals breaking out their rednecks a little early. I don't mind as long as it doesn't interfere with my enjoyment of a cold, squishy twist cone in a gravel parking lot in front of a butcher shop where you get a free half hog when you buy a side of beef. Heaven.



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2 responses to “Confederate Flags and Soft Serve

  1. Melody

    It’s not that rare to see a confederate flag on a car bumper in Greenwood. What DID seem a bit out of place was the huge 2′ X 3′ flag flapping in the wind off the back of that guy’s truck bed. Other patrons in line were visibly whigged by it.

  2. Melody

    Now I’m starting to wonder if that good ole boy was stopping for an ice cream on his way home from the immigration protests in Downtown Indy last night. According to the Star this morning, at least one of the counter-protesters had confederate flags emblazoned on his truck. Was he trying to make some kind of statement about white power?

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