Shopping the South Side

Picking up this topic from a post from the folks over at IndyScribe, Mel and I are actively on the search for cool and fun things to do on Indy's south side.

Thursday we went shopping over at Edgewood Feed & Seed. What an amazing place! It's like a neighborhood Tractor Supply without the clothes and more gardening stuff. Between them and Heidenreich's on National, we have access to everything we need for our vegetable and flower garden. Edgewood Feed & Seed is located on Shelby Street at Epler. Shelby is in between US 31 South and Madison Avenue; Epler is just past Thompson Road. (From Downtown, it's a straight shot down Penn.)

If you're into hydroponic gardening, be sure to check out Harvest Moon in Southern Plaza. I found the place a bit overwhelming with all the lighting gear and nutritional products necessary for growing hydroponics, but the owner was very knowledgeable and passionate about hydroponic gardening. (Word to the wise: Don't make any jokes about growing pot.) They're in the process of growing their inventory and expect to have more supplies for outdoor organic gardening soon. Southern Plaza is on US 31 South in between Hanna and Thompson Road, just north of I-465.

Mel and I had dinner last night at Maria's Pizza on Shelby Street. Maria's is celebrating their 50-year anniversary this year. Folks come from miles around to get Maria's pizza, and the place was hopping last night. The dine-in area is small, only four or five tables, but they do a brisk carry-out business. We had the Mediterranean pizza add sausage and a field green salad. They sell ice cream by the scoop. We didn't get any last night, but I'm sure we'll wander over there this summer. Maria's is located on Shelby Street just north of Troy. From Downtown, take Penn south (about 4 miles). Penn turns into Madison Avenue; you don't have to do anything, just drive. Turn left on Troy.

All we need now is an indie coffee shop.


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