Have your time change and beer, too

Apparently when Gov. Daniels was pushing through his agenda to move Indiana to Daylight Savings Time, no one realized that changing the clocks would cause bars to lose one whole hour of business. Time changes Sunday morning from 2am to 3am. Since this is Final Four weekend, many bars balked at losing that hour.

Earlier in the week, Lt. Tom Newgent, the Indianapolis district commander for the Excise Police, told the Star, "I understand (bar owners) being in a snit. But there's nothing we can do. We don't have any choice but to enforce the law."

Apparently there is something the Excise Police can do. Nothing! According to the Star, Daniels has directed the Indiana State Excise Police not to enfore the law.

I wonder what other laws Daniels has directed state employees to forget for an hour. "Oh, that's not a crime. The law was suspended for an hour."


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