Tax Subsidized Public Drunkenness

The Final Four is this weekend, which means I should avoid downtown unless I want to see crowds and drunks. I've grown up seeing Hudnut's vision of a sports-based economy come to fruition in Indianapolis, and I'm not impressed. One only has to travel downtown during a sports event or to Speedway during one of the IMS events to see that our sports culture breeds a drinking culture. Mel and I drove up Delaware during what was to be the final game of the Colts' season. We were shocked to see people walking around in public with cups and bottles of beer at 10:00 in the morning. Why is public drinking, drunkenness, and rowdiness acceptable when sports events are nearby?

The Star had an article this morning about our sports economy. The article, while still tilted in favor of our sports economy, was more balanced than most articles on this topic. Still, I've never seen an article that takes into consideration the effects of our sports economy on the quality of our public life. I'm not convinced that tax subsidized public drunkenness is a good investment for our city, regardless of how much money it generates.



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4 responses to “Tax Subsidized Public Drunkenness

  1. Melody

    It would be interesting to look at crime stats for big sporting weekends. I’m betting that there’s a lot more petty theft, vandalism, and assault. There’s probably a higher incidence of rape, too, but of course you’d never get accurate statistics on that since a large percentage would be date rape and wouldn’t be reported.

    I think the Public Intoxication laws just magically disappear off the books during these events– unless you’re homeless, of course, or of color.

  2. Melody

    Also, we need some happy blog topics up in this piece. Why not blog about the Benedictine Center. And how about a new Southside Rocks! category?

  3. I’m down with some happy stuff. You read my mind on the Southside Rocks category. I’ve got some new Rosie pics to add, too.

    I think my negative blogs are reflective of my daily experiences with Visual Studio 2005. Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts.

    BTW, Mel you need a cool online identity. Incredibleshrinkingwoman doesn’t apply any more. You can be IndyMel.

  4. Katie

    Another oddity. My sister, 17 year old niece and 3 of her friends are coming up this weekend and I was having troubles finding events that were not 21 and over. So it’s complete publicly subsidized drunkenss. I am sure the number of DUIs also increases Mel.

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