Live Music and Good Food

Mel and I went to Sir Walter's in Beech Grove Saturday night for a few drinks and to observe our fellow southsiders in their natural habitat. The chicken fingers were pedestrian, but the portabella fries were very tasty. The place was really smoky, which I don't remember from previous visits. The southside hoochie mamas were getting their groove on to the live band. I don't usually enjoy live music in bars because it's usually so overpowering. But the volume wasn't so loud that everything was garbled, and you could still talk.

The band, The Night Crew, had a very strong lead guitarist, but the backup vocals were pretty weak. They started out with a sleepy version of Steve Earle's Copperhead Road, which is one of my favorite songs. They played the perfunctory Jimmy Buffett and Lynard Skynard, but the lead singer's voice improved after a few songs from CCR. I was pleased with their cover of Led Zeppelin's Thank You, but they rushed through Keith Whitley's Don't Close Your Eyes. When they started banging out The Doors, I knew it was time to go.



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