The Buck Stops Here

Last night Mel and I bought groceries at Buck’s, our local IGA store. Located at Troy and Meridian, Buck’s is well known on the south side for its meat counter, which is well stocked with decent cuts of meat at reasonable prices. The store is less than a mile from our house. We were there around 5ish, and while it was busy, we had no problems finding parking right in front of the door. The check-out lanes moved quickly and featured better point of sale equipment than I’ve seen at many Marsh properties.

Buck’s is a great place to stop for the basics like bread, milk, eggs, and pop. Their meat and deli counter is amazing, and the service is really great. While their small produce section could never completely satisfy our needs, it’ll do in a pinch.

And, surprisingly, their prices were very reasonable. I expected to pay a premium for the convenience, but not so at Buck’s. Sure, they were higher than Meijer on a few items like milk, but overall I was impressed with the pricing.

Since we eat mostly produce, we really need to find a good produce source on the south side. Eventually we’ll get to the point where our garden can supply most of our produce. There’s an Indian grocer down on Madison where we can get spices and legumes. I think we’ll check out the Marsh in Beech Grove for produce and to fill in the gaps.


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