Ripped Off

We stayed at the Westin Downtown Friday night and were overcharged by almost $50. I called today to ask them to itemize the charges for me. At first, the gal in Accounting told me the room rate was $214 + $32.10 in tax + $25 valet, no total. Oh, plus $35.97 for breakfast at Shula’s Steakhouse. I correct her. My room was supposed to include a $40 credit for breakfast. OK, fine. She’ll credit my account for $35.97. But wait, I say. I was charged $325.10. Based on the rate she quoted me, the total should’ve been $271.10.

She puts me on hold.

She comes back and tells me she made a mistake. The room rate was $268 + $32.10 in tax + $25 valet. Indeed, that’s what I was charged. So, I ask her why a 15% room tax was the same amount for both rates she quoted. She stammered. She told me it was confusing, and she didn’t understand. Neither did I. She transferred me to the Guest Services manager.

Travis got on the phone and said he understood. I had been charged the incorrect rate. The rate was actually $219 plus $32.85 for tax and $25 valet, for a grand total of $276.85. So, the only part of my bill that was correct was the valet parking. And the accounting department doesn’t understand. Only this one guy understands. I see.


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