Best $22 Ever Spent

We took Rosie to doggy daycare today. I have to admit that leaving her was more traumatizing than I expected. She had a hard time adjusting. I thought she’d be so excited to play that she’d just bound into the play area, tail wagging. But, no. She stayed off to herself for a few hours. But she eventually came around and had a good time.

I was glad to pick her up. She’s so sweet.



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2 responses to “Best $22 Ever Spent

  1. I’ve always been the same way whenever I’ve dropped my little dog off at doggie daycare. She normally works her way into the heart of the workers and gets them to dote on her all day so she pretty much ignores the other dogs and is pampered. I still obsess over her being there and hoping she’s having a good time.

  2. Katy

    Ha! I love it that everyone else has discovered doggy daycare. Seems like the 4 years I tolerated people making fun of me may have been worth it. Are you getting an Eagle Creek Bark Park pass? It’s much larger than Broadripple.

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