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Have your time change and beer, too

Apparently when Gov. Daniels was pushing through his agenda to move Indiana to Daylight Savings Time, no one realized that changing the clocks would cause bars to lose one whole hour of business. Time changes Sunday morning from 2am to 3am. Since this is Final Four weekend, many bars balked at losing that hour.

Earlier in the week, Lt. Tom Newgent, the Indianapolis district commander for the Excise Police, told the Star, "I understand (bar owners) being in a snit. But there's nothing we can do. We don't have any choice but to enforce the law."

Apparently there is something the Excise Police can do. Nothing! According to the Star, Daniels has directed the Indiana State Excise Police not to enfore the law.

I wonder what other laws Daniels has directed state employees to forget for an hour. "Oh, that's not a crime. The law was suspended for an hour."


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Tax Subsidized Public Drunkenness

The Final Four is this weekend, which means I should avoid downtown unless I want to see crowds and drunks. I've grown up seeing Hudnut's vision of a sports-based economy come to fruition in Indianapolis, and I'm not impressed. One only has to travel downtown during a sports event or to Speedway during one of the IMS events to see that our sports culture breeds a drinking culture. Mel and I drove up Delaware during what was to be the final game of the Colts' season. We were shocked to see people walking around in public with cups and bottles of beer at 10:00 in the morning. Why is public drinking, drunkenness, and rowdiness acceptable when sports events are nearby?

The Star had an article this morning about our sports economy. The article, while still tilted in favor of our sports economy, was more balanced than most articles on this topic. Still, I've never seen an article that takes into consideration the effects of our sports economy on the quality of our public life. I'm not convinced that tax subsidized public drunkenness is a good investment for our city, regardless of how much money it generates.


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Live Music and Good Food

Mel and I went to Sir Walter's in Beech Grove Saturday night for a few drinks and to observe our fellow southsiders in their natural habitat. The chicken fingers were pedestrian, but the portabella fries were very tasty. The place was really smoky, which I don't remember from previous visits. The southside hoochie mamas were getting their groove on to the live band. I don't usually enjoy live music in bars because it's usually so overpowering. But the volume wasn't so loud that everything was garbled, and you could still talk.

The band, The Night Crew, had a very strong lead guitarist, but the backup vocals were pretty weak. They started out with a sleepy version of Steve Earle's Copperhead Road, which is one of my favorite songs. They played the perfunctory Jimmy Buffett and Lynard Skynard, but the lead singer's voice improved after a few songs from CCR. I was pleased with their cover of Led Zeppelin's Thank You, but they rushed through Keith Whitley's Don't Close Your Eyes. When they started banging out The Doors, I knew it was time to go.


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Spending Dollars on the South Side

Tonight we're going to a movie at the indie theatre Key Cinemas. We've been going there once a week for the past several weeks. We used to go to the Kerasotes at Southern Plaza, but I really enjoy going to Key Cinemas. If you like indie films, you should definitely check it out. Mel's all geeked up because the movie we're going to see has Dwight Yoakam in it.

Update: The movie's called the Three Burials of of Melquiades Estrada, and we really enjoyed it. Mel got to see how not sexy Dwight Yoakam is in a movie. Apparently, she's blocked the images of him from Sling Blade. If you like the redemption storylines in shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then you'd probably like Three Burials.

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The Buck Stops Here

Last night Mel and I bought groceries at Buck’s, our local IGA store. Located at Troy and Meridian, Buck’s is well known on the south side for its meat counter, which is well stocked with decent cuts of meat at reasonable prices. The store is less than a mile from our house. We were there around 5ish, and while it was busy, we had no problems finding parking right in front of the door. The check-out lanes moved quickly and featured better point of sale equipment than I’ve seen at many Marsh properties.

Buck’s is a great place to stop for the basics like bread, milk, eggs, and pop. Their meat and deli counter is amazing, and the service is really great. While their small produce section could never completely satisfy our needs, it’ll do in a pinch.

And, surprisingly, their prices were very reasonable. I expected to pay a premium for the convenience, but not so at Buck’s. Sure, they were higher than Meijer on a few items like milk, but overall I was impressed with the pricing.

Since we eat mostly produce, we really need to find a good produce source on the south side. Eventually we’ll get to the point where our garden can supply most of our produce. There’s an Indian grocer down on Madison where we can get spices and legumes. I think we’ll check out the Marsh in Beech Grove for produce and to fill in the gaps.

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Boycott the North Side

That’s it! I’m so done with traveling to the north side for everything from coffee to movies. From now on, I do everything south of Washington street. If I can’t find the services I need on the south side, then I don’t need those services. Period.


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Everything’s a Hassle

Mel took my car to work yesterday because her car was on E. She returned home from her daily trek to Fishers and tells me, nonchalantly, “The light’s on on your gas guage.” I bet it is. On our way to Target on US 31, Mel suggested we go down National and stop at the Village Pantry to get gas. And, oh, how she was punished.

She decides that she’ll pump. It’s the least she can do, right? And then she realizes it’s not pay-at-the-pump, and she must “interface” with the attendant. (Her word, not mine.) It gets better.

She leaves him her credit card and tells him she wants to fill up. Picture me thinking of all the things he’s going to buy on our Chase card later that night on the Internet. She trots back to the pump and plunges the nozzle into my car. She pushes buttons, flips levers, and squeezes handles to no avail. The pump won’t pump, despite her plunging, pushing, flipping, and squeezing. She’s hot.

She stomps into the store. The guy suggests that she prepay $25 because that’s probably all we’ll need anyway. Has this guy not seen the price of gas lately? Hello? He works at a gas station. She goes back to the pump where she once again pushes, flips, and flips again, and squeezes. Finally. Once she’s convinced that fuel is flowing, she jumps back in the car. Picture me hoping that she doesn’t build up enough static elictricity to catch herself on fire when she touches the fuel nozzle.

It stops. At $25. “Goddaammitt!” Since we had almost three-quarters of a tank, I told her to cut her losses. She went to retrieve her card, and the attendant went on and on about drive-offs and what a bunch of cheap-asses the Marsh family are to work for.

Newflash! I don’t care about all that dumb shit. It’s fucking cold, and I want to fill up my gas tank and get on down the road. If Marsh is disabling pay-at-the-pump over a few drive-offs, they’ll be out of business soon. Nobody wants to go through all this hassle just to get fuel. I’ll fucking walk first, and the godammed Marsh family can kiss my ass.

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