Another Busy Week

I made some serious progress this week on my manuscript. I’m mostly working on ASP.NET content, which has been a lot of fun to play around with. Rosie only had one accident in the house this week, which was really our fault for not taking her out sooner.

I added 1GB of RAM to my laptop, and now it really flies. Unfortunately, it still locks up for no apparent reason. That warrants a fruitless call to Toshiba support. (Can you reproduce it? No. Oh, then wipe out the hard drive and re-install everything. I’ll get right on that.)

I got my plog setup on Amazon (plog – promotional web log or something like that), and my copy writer (read: Mel) is working on entries for open directory and my product wiki on Amazon. Note to self: Give copy writer a raise.

I’ve corresponded with a (book) reader a few times this week about SharePoint tech stuff. And Mel and I finished watching season three of Buffy, and we’re about halfway through season seven. I love Andrew.


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