More Hoosier Bashing

RiShawn Biddle’s most recent post on the IndyStar’s Expresso blog leaves me wondering whether he intentionally writes rude and inflammatory posts to elicit comments. In this post, yet another about the toll road which he titles “The Schism”, Biddle shares with us his taxonomy of native Hoosiers:

  • “natives who have spent years elsewhere and came back with new ideas and ways of thinking through issues”
  • “natives who may have never left the state, but are curious and willing to challenge their own notions”
  • natives who “never left both physically or intellectually…people who never left Indiana save for a trip to Chicago, have never read the Economist or Forbes or even the Web edition of the Times of London. Chances are they didn’t even think of attending a college other than Indiana, Ball State or Purdue”

Ouch! The schism is right. Of course, Biddle isn’t in any of those camps. He’s part of the “reformers” crowd. You know, the folks who are well read and know better than the “Democrats and their ilk”. He goes on to make what is basically an argument against the two party political system which he portrays as unique to Indiana.

Is this what the Star has to do to get people to read their blogs?



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2 responses to “More Hoosier Bashing

  1. Apparently I’m not the only person worked up by Biddle’s Hoosier bashing. Check out the comments to his post:

    Just as I suspected, his toll road posts have little to do with the toll road at all.

  2. I agree that Rishawn is getting a bit abrasive, but I do think he’s right on about Indiana being tribal.

    As far as the whole toll road thing, I don’t think anyone’s ever explained why that a private company is willing to give $3B for a road lease, and they’re in business to make money, not give charity money to the state. There is a reason that they are willing to dish out that money… they will get it back and then some… the question is how. Unfortunately, the local media spent its time on the fight between D’s and R’s rather than actually report the facts of the deal.

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