Bohem, come!

I read today that one of the dogs from the Westminster show got out of his cage at the airport. His name is Bohem C’est La Vie. It seems like an awfully long name to call out when you want your dog. Mel explained to me that’s his stage name. He probably has a shorter name.

Rosie’s stage name is Rose Marie Fart Knocker.



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3 responses to “Bohem, come!

  1. Melody

    I said that it’s his registered name, not his show name, but I like your take on it better.

    I keep wanting to call her Gypsy Rose– after the famous stripper.

  2. Ha ha. You did say registered name, but I translated that into stage name – like a drag queen or something.

    Rosie is a fart knocker.

  3. Katy

    I love that – Fart Knocker

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