Salivating over a new fridge

Every now and then the Bobo in me comes out, and I fix my sights on some whiz-bang gadget that costs too much money and will no doubt underdeliver in performance.

Right now I have my sights set on the Sub-Zero 650 Over-Under. In regular speak, it’s a refrigerator. Here’s what I like about it, and why I want it:

  • We have two nooks in our kitchen, one for the fridge and another with cabinets and a counter for the microwave and toaster oven. When the fridge door is open, it blocks access to the other nook and to the doorway that leads to the backyard and the basement. It’s a real pain to be trapped on the other side of the fridge door knowing that the gravy in the microwave is bubbling over. The Sub-Zero 650 Over-Under would fit perfectly in that other nook, thus enabling us to switch the two nooks. (That’s a lot of nookie in one bullet point.)
  • Having the fridge on top eliminates all the stooping over and craning we presently do with our current fridge.
  • Have you seen it? It totally rocks.

Now for the reasons why it probably won’t (or at least shouldn’t) happen:

  • It’s expensive, plus we just bought our current fridge last year. We got it for half off retail at the Sears Clearance Outlet, so I think we could unload it and not lose all our money.
  • The current fridge nook has a cool arch over it. If we turned that space into a food prep area, we’d have to open up the walls, which would mean losing the arch. Otherwise, it would be a very claustrophobic little prep area.
  • Moving the fridge screws up our work triangle, although it would make much better use of the entire cubic footage of both spaces.
  • These kinds of fridges – both built-ins and over-unders – are prone to more repairs than the good old fashioned fridges with the freezer on top. They’re not nearly as prose to repairs as the side-by-sides, though. Also, over-unders use more energy. The energy efficiency and performance record were key factors in why we decided to go with an old school fridge in the first place.

I’m going to keep this fridge on my wish list for now.


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