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Message to Katy

You are out of control! Five Australian Shepherds is three too many. I’m just sayin’.


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Rosie Breakthrough

It seems every week we have some new breakthrough with Rosie. Generally, these breakthroughs have little to do with Rosie learning a new command or a trick. It usually involves us altering our behaviors or her environment in some way to accommodate her nature. For example, the first week or so Rosie had several accidents in the house. Of course, we didn’t realize it right away because she was doing it out of our site. All that time we were patting ourselves on the back for how easily she was housetrained.

Our solution to that problem was to never let her out of our sight. We barricaded her into a three-room space in our house where we could always see her. For the first few days, she still had accidents. One day she peed on the living room floor while I was using the bathroom. Go figure. Now, she lets me know when she needs to go out.

Lately, she’s a raging maniac all afternoon barking at everything going down the street. We tried to embrace the barking. She barks. I go to the window, look out it, tell her ‘good girl’ and reassure her that everything was OK. While that works, it’s a pain on especially nice days when everybody and their brother is out walking their dogs.

So, it occurred to me today that the answer is making her world smaller. We have Rosie’s rapt attention inside the confines of our home. But, once she steps outside, she’s all dog. Looking out the living room window has the same effect. Until we can train her to give us her attention when we’re outside, we have to keep the blinds closed.

Since I closed the blinds, Rosie is a little angel. It’s amazing. She trots over to the window and whimpers every now and then, but then she comes and sits by my side. The blinds won’t stay closed forever; just until we can work on her outdoor manners a little more.

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Another Busy Week

I made some serious progress this week on my manuscript. I’m mostly working on ASP.NET content, which has been a lot of fun to play around with. Rosie only had one accident in the house this week, which was really our fault for not taking her out sooner.

I added 1GB of RAM to my laptop, and now it really flies. Unfortunately, it still locks up for no apparent reason. That warrants a fruitless call to Toshiba support. (Can you reproduce it? No. Oh, then wipe out the hard drive and re-install everything. I’ll get right on that.)

I got my plog setup on Amazon (plog – promotional web log or something like that), and my copy writer (read: Mel) is working on entries for open directory and my product wiki on Amazon. Note to self: Give copy writer a raise.

I’ve corresponded with a (book) reader a few times this week about SharePoint tech stuff. And Mel and I finished watching season three of Buffy, and we’re about halfway through season seven. I love Andrew.

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Rosie Cuteness

Check out this slideshow of Rosie with an almost empty bottle of honey.

Here’s another slideshow of Rosie with her Kong on the front porch.

And here’s the Carebear doing what she does best:


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More Hoosier Bashing

RiShawn Biddle’s most recent post on the IndyStar’s Expresso blog leaves me wondering whether he intentionally writes rude and inflammatory posts to elicit comments. In this post, yet another about the toll road which he titles “The Schism”, Biddle shares with us his taxonomy of native Hoosiers:

  • “natives who have spent years elsewhere and came back with new ideas and ways of thinking through issues”
  • “natives who may have never left the state, but are curious and willing to challenge their own notions”
  • natives who “never left both physically or intellectually…people who never left Indiana save for a trip to Chicago, have never read the Economist or Forbes or even the Web edition of the Times of London. Chances are they didn’t even think of attending a college other than Indiana, Ball State or Purdue”

Ouch! The schism is right. Of course, Biddle isn’t in any of those camps. He’s part of the “reformers” crowd. You know, the folks who are well read and know better than the “Democrats and their ilk”. He goes on to make what is basically an argument against the two party political system which he portrays as unique to Indiana.

Is this what the Star has to do to get people to read their blogs?


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Happy Friday

This week has been really productive. I turned in some chapters, and I’m working full steam ahead towards my next deadline. Unfortunately, I didn’t make as much progress as I wanted to this week. I got mired down in developing smart device applications. The documentation in VS2005 just sucks on that topic; pretty much had to wing it.

I got a sneak peak at SharePoint Designer 2007. I’m really excited about that software. I can’t wait until the next Office beta or CTP or whatever they’re going to release next.

Rosie and I have made progress on her crate training. She’s spending most of her day in the crate now. Last night she slept in the crate with the door shut all night long for the first time. But she still freaks out if you leave her unattended. She hasn’t had an accident in the house in over a week, and Mel has been keeping her nails very tidily groomed.

Oh, and I learned that Bohem C’est La Vie’s regular name is Vivi. Sounds fussy.

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Bohem, come!

I read today that one of the dogs from the Westminster show got out of his cage at the airport. His name is Bohem C’est La Vie. It seems like an awfully long name to call out when you want your dog. Mel explained to me that’s his stage name. He probably has a shorter name.

Rosie’s stage name is Rose Marie Fart Knocker.


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