Yarn or doggy toy?

It’s round and fits neatly in your doggy mouth. You can swing your head from side to side as if to play tug-of-war with your imaginary playmate. You can drop the soggy mess at your person’s feet, hoping that she gets the hint and plays with you. Is it your girlfriend’s $10 skein of yarn, or is it a doggy toy?

I’m pretty sure it’s a doggy toy. Why else would it be sitting in baskets at just the right height for the dog to reach in and grab as she leisurely strolls by.

BTW, peanut butter is a good afternoon snack to share with a new poochy pal.



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2 responses to “Yarn or doggy toy?

  1. Katie

    This is terrible! Especially if it’s the Malabrigo or the Alpaca with a Twist!

  2. Melody

    It is decidedly not a doggy toy. I had no idea mohair was so tasty.

    And it’s sitting around in baskets to be decorative!

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