Hello, Rosy!

We got a new dog Saturday from the humane society. Overall, it was a pretty good experience. Rosy is a lab mix. She’s about one year old. She and the cat seemed to have made a truce. They touched noses this morning, and now they’re both sleeping. Carrot’s on top of the love seat, and Rosy is under the dining room table.

More pictures of Rosy…
rosy2.JPG rosy5.JPG rosy4.JPG rosy3.JPG

Higher resolution photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



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2 responses to “Hello, Rosy!

  1. Melody

    She’s such a cutie! You might have to change your cat category now, honey. Carrot might not love you anymore after this weekend.

  2. Katie

    She’s so cute! I love her black and white marks. I cannot wait for her to meet Mister and they can become playmates. Unfortunately, I fear that Mister, Lucy and Molly won’t be having any nose-touching truces like the ones going on at your house….

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