Cherry picking the news

A few nights ago Governor Mitch Daniels delivered his State of the State address. I didn’t watch it, but I did read the speech the next day and several articles in the Star since then analyzing the speech’s content.

What surprised me most about Daniels’ speech was the lack of coverage it received by Indiana bloggers. I know that I don’t read every single Indiana blog, but I do read quite a few of the more popular ones.

I don’t see how bloggers can use their blogs as platforms for promoting everything from passing a local gay rights ordinance to telling people where they should be volunteering and sending their charitable contributions, yet not a peep about the State of the State. These are the same bloggers competing for, and winning, awards for “journalism”.

The next time a self-righteous blogger tells me for whom to vote, where to spend my time volunteering, and how to make charitable contributions, I think I’ll tell them to stop trying to pass off their self-serving blogs as “citizen journalism”.


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One response to “Cherry picking the news

  1. Melody

    Well, a speech from Peanut on the state of hte state isn’t as compelling as gay rights. The problem with blog journalism is that bloggers aren’t paid to report the news, so they only stay on top of what interests them. This is fine if the only people who read your blog are people who think about the same things you do and share your opinions on everything– also if your readership is equally lazy and doesn’t get its news any other way.

    And bonus– you never have to spend the time it takes to understand or formulate an opinion on a new topic.

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