When I was a kid, around 6 or 7, I asked my mom what churches were for. I had never been in one, but I noticed that these large ornate buildings that people called churches were everyone. Some of my friends even talked about going to them.

My mom gave me the five-minute explanation of God, Jesus, Satan, heaven and hell. From that moment forward, my life was changed forever. I went from being innocent and careless to feeling fearful and watched. I was afraid to be alone. I remember that I needed to go to the bathroom right after my mom told me about churches, and I was afraid that a demon would get me.

I had a dream about a demon last night. I was listening to music with this demon and a friend of mine. His black eyes throbbed to the beat of the music – Motley Crue. It was spooky. I wish I had never asked about churches.


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